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VS-Trend is established in 2002 in Bihac, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Headquarters of company are located also in Bihac. Operations are carried out internationally on a project base. Since 2002 company has acquired an extensive knowledge and experience in assembly and production for onshore and offshore cruise ship fabrication work and refurbishment. With collaborations with the biggest national and international companies in the sector, we were able to complete large cruise ship projects in the area of:

  • Production of galvanized and black ventilation system parts
  • Onshore assembly of galvanized and black ventilation parts
  • Assembly work of complete ventilation system
  • Onshore and offshore pipe assembly work
  • Engine room ship work and compressor room work
  • Montage of stations and substations
  • Interior wooden products assembly

Our work force consists of internationally experienced managers, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, mechanical technicians, locksmith, pipe technicians, welders, carpenters and cabinet makers.

Company is also engaged in wooden field (from semi-finished products to finished products) with extensive experience in delivering finish product to EU countries. We partnership with companies that operate in various fields of production such as:

  • Naval (cruise ships and yachts)
  • Railway
  • Furnishing / Contract (hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, etc.)
  • Machining and thermoforming "acrylic solid surface" for: bathrooms, toilets, tubs and sinks, furniture for hotels, stores, tops for kitchens, walls for operating rooms (being, this material, antibacterial and aseptic) and in public areas for ships, being flame retardant.
  • Polycarbonate thermoformed items
  • Custom furniture (hotel rooms and furnishings), shops, restaurants, shopping centers
  • Equipments for cooking for big kitchens (restaurants, schools, hospitals) - chairs, tables, furniture in classic and modern styling.

Vs-Trend is constantly engaged in research and technological development of new products and solutions, supported by architects and engineers, who, through the technical office equipped with bidimensional and three-dimensional CAD solid modeling, allow developing products and systems both in terms of design and manufacturing engineering departments equipped with high technology CNC machines. The company has various teams of technicians and skilled workers in the installation of equipment and furnishings in Bosnia and Italy.